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Merry Marketing Marathon

Five Digital Marketing Favorites

By The Editors

For our annual “Merry Marketing Marathon,” we look back over the past year and select a handful of your favorite legal marketing posts. Light up your thinking for the coming year’s digital marketing strategy with a thoughtful read of these five.

1. “Seven Steps to a More Authentic, Fresher Bio” Nancy Slome Nobody sets out to write a boring bio. It’s just so easy to follow the usual attorney bio format and rarely update or change it — unless there’s a big pitch underway or the firm’s website is being redesigned. The bio becomes an end product of your CV — told in prose form. Those rock-solid credentials and impressive accomplishments get lost among ordinary verbs and uninspired adjectives. READ MORE

2. “Strategic Digital Marketing Tips” | Susan Kostal Does it feel like you can’t keep up with all the new kids on the block? (Never mind keeping up with the digital marketing things you actually understand.) Worried that your office millennial will move on and you’ll have to figure out how to tackle online marketing all by yourself? Don’t worry, check out this roundup of marketing tips (and links) from around the legal web. READ MORE

3. “Tech Tools and Tricks to Automate Your Marketing.” Applied well, technology can make any task more efficient and cost-effective — and that includes your marketing activities. Whether it’s tracking the ROI of marketing dollars, managing the minutiae of client relationships or riding herd on multiple social media accounts, there’s an app that can make it better. We asked Gyi Tsakalakis, Jim Calloway, Nora Regis, Heidi Alexander, Mike Ramsey and Tom Lambotte to clue us in on their favorite marketing automation tips. READ MORE

4. “Five Ways to Attract New Legal Clients with Video”| Mike Mogill Video has become one of the most effective — and flexible — online marketing tools available to lawyers today. Whether you’re looking to stand out from the pack, build client confidence, connect emotionally, or simply attract and convert new viewers into clients, video can help give you a marketing edge. Here are five video marketing tips to help beginners and veterans alike. READ MORE

5. “Getting the Right Clients” | Merrilyn Astin Tarlton The popular term “random acts of lunch” pushes a particularly hot button for most lawyers. Who hasn’t reflected on their business development calendar and realized that, for the most part, they’ve been haphazardly buying lunch for people in the hope that new business will just “pop up” during conversation? And, having realized that, what lawyer hasn’t wondered why that isn’t working and how to fix it? Well, here you go, three steps to get you focused on the right targets. READ MORE

Read all the posts in this year’s Merry Marketing Marathon here.



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