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NetDocuments Product Spotlight

When Excellence Is a Team Effort, That’s Work Inspired

By NetDocuments

Today’s law firms need tools that eliminate busy work and keep teams focused on streamlined workflows and client outcomes and results. That’s Work Inspired.™


Reduce inbox congestion, keep lines of communication open, and streamline workflows to improve productivity and inspire your teams’ best work.

Now, more than ever, you need tools that eliminate busy work and keep your teams focused on client outcomes and results — by helping them communicate, coordinate document feedback, and manage tasks.

Over the last few years, there have been two distinct factors that have significantly impacted firms’ ability to do this successfully:

1. Clients expect more from lawyers than ever before.

At the same time, the matters you work on are steadily becoming more intricate and complex. In this challenging environment, it’s all too easy for important work to slip through the cracks or get overlooked.

2. Complex matters almost always require knowledge and input from a diverse team of experts.

All too often, this involves sending documents back-and-forth as email attachments, collecting feedback and input from various experts, and then trying to reconcile and make sense of all the comments, markups, and conflicting edits. It’s an inefficient, time-consuming, and error-prone process that prevents you from focusing on client outcomes.

It’s time to consider tools that allow your legal teams to get more done in less time, collaborate more effectively, and increase your accuracy as you go.

NetDocuments PLAN

PLAN supports your teams by reducing inbox congestion, opening lines of communication, keeping tasks and assignments organized, and increasing your team’s overall efficiency and productivity.

In the NetDocuments PLAN Solution, various technologies are included to help keep your people and information focused on productivity and results — with easy-to-use tools that coordinate teams and tasks, provide real-time team communication, facilitate task management through checklists and workflows, and make it easier and more efficient to share and collaborate on documents. It includes:

  • ndThread chat. Take advantage of secure, real-time chat capabilities that help eliminate inbox clutter and reduce the need for email filing. ndThread is a chat messaging client that’s designed specifically for legal organizations. It provides a secure, governable, and convenient way to chat, share and comment on files individually or with a group, so you can improve collaboration and reduce email overload.
  • Chatlink. Connect your collaboration tools to improve productivity without sacrificing governance or security. To maintain security and governance, your real-time messaging, collaboration, and document management systems need to be connected. ChatLink provides that connection by integrating your NetDocuments platform with Microsoft Teams.
  • Margin Notes. Save time by streamlining your document processes. Margin Notes simplifies document reviews by making it easy to quickly preview, annotate, and mark up documents without ever needing to download the files to your desktop. With Margin Notes, you annotate documents with colleagues in real-time—without changing the original document. This way you can always share the original, untouched version without losing notes.
  • Tasks. Manage complex projects and workflows more efficiently. With Tasks, you can build customized workflows within workspaces to track team members’ activities and progress from one convenient location. The information you add to Tasks is fully secured, just like any other file in NetDocuments. You can also perform searches, link to other content, and share Task information with colleagues.

About NetDocuments

Storing, managing, and protecting millions of documents that are created and shared by thousands of people is never easy. All too often, they become a chaotic, obtrusive and risky burden on your organization.

NetDocuments changes the equation, with a content platform that removes the barriers and transforms all your documents into an unstoppable engine for collaboration, productivity, growth, and inspired work — without limitations or restrictions.

With NetDocuments, millions of scattered documents become one source of unified insights. Your content management processes and workflows make the leap from intuitive to invisible. The full power of your collective knowledge and past work becomes available wherever your people need it. And every document gets the industry’s best protection against any type of threat—from careless employees to nation-state attacks.

So when you imagine a future where your content is always safe, organized, compliant, and available to inspire your best work, NetDocuments is ready to take you there.

Founded in 1999 with over 3,050+ customer firms, NetDocuments is the trusted documents and email management provider for thousands of lawyers worldwide. Click here to request a consultation and see how you can boost productivity, security, and organization in your firm with NetDocuments.

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