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Promoting Innovation and Digital Transformation in Europe at Lexpo

By Ari Kaplan

Ari Kaplan speaks with Rob Ameerun, founder of the Lexpo Conference, which seeks to promote innovation and digital transformation in legal throughout Europe. The conference takes place June 12-13 in Amsterdam, with Ari as Master of Ceremonies.


Ari Kaplan: Tell us about your background and the genesis of Lexpo.

Rob Ameerun Lexpo

Rob Ameerun: I am an independent consultant for law firms and legal tech providers. I also have a legal tech news website called Legal IT Professionals and LinkedIn group with over 120,000 members. Lexpo started in 2016 … I called it “the Legal Innovation Event” because in 2016, nobody was really talking about legal innovation. At the time, there were already many legal technology events in the UK, but I wanted to start something that focused on continental Europe because that’s a specific region with a different language and a different culture every few hundred miles, so it is hard to reach for vendors and a challenge for them to create community.

What was your initial vision for the Lexpo event?

RA: On one hand, there was a need for continental European legal IT and legal tech providers, as well as those working in law firms along with their consultants, to have a conference beyond computers and technology. Throughout the years, Lexpo is based on key themes beyond technology. For instance, one of the themes this year is the legal workforce given the transformation of job responsibilities and the effect of technology on the way legal professionals work.

RA: We are trying to broaden the exposure to thought leaders around the world to the Lexpo audience and enhance the conversation around innovation in the legal community. We also don’t limit our content to technology. Rather, we discuss the alignment of tools and talent. We feature technology and also discuss its impact on the legal profession.

RA: We work with our advisory board members, who are legal industry leaders to identify the key trends, prominent challenges, and innovative solutions.

How will this year’s program differ from the last full international event you produced in 2019?

RA: In 2019, we featured a presentation on cybersecurity, which has only grown as a risk factor so we are revisiting that topic. The field of legal operations has expanded over the past few years so we have several sessions on the agenda about how teams are approaching this eara. And, of course, our keynote is about generative AI, and Jeroen Plink, a very knowledgeable speaker in that area, will be delivering it.

RA: It is progressing fairly rapidly. 10 years ago, consulting for law firms in Europe was easy because we just looked at developments in the States and knew that the same changes would occur in Europe two years from that point. Those developments are happening much more quickly and also taking place all over the world.

RA: The legal industry has always been the last to act when something new happens in technology, but if you look at how quickly the big law firms are addressing AI and launching AI initiatives, there is clearly a higher level of interest and understanding of its impact, as well as the need to act quickly.

How can we learn more about the Lexpo conference?

RA: Visit for the agenda and list of speakers, as well as the themes guiding this year’s event. (Note: Tickets are available through June 12.)

Ari Kaplan will be serving as Master of Ceremonies at Lexpo 2023.

Ari Kaplan regularly interviews leaders in the legal industry and in the broader professional services community to share perspectives, highlight transformative change, and introduce new technology at

Listen to his conversation with Rob Ameerun here at Reinventing Professionals.

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Ari Kaplan

Ari Kaplan is the author of “The Opportunity Maker: Strategies for Inspiring Your Legal Career Through Creative Networking and Business Development,” 2nd Edition (West Academic) and “Reinventing Professional Services: Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace” (Wiley). He provides training on dynamic networking, including “Advanced LinkedIn Strategies to Empower Your Networking and Transform Your Outreach.” Follow him @AriKaplan on Twitter and learn about Lawcountability here.

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