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Top Law Firm Website Design Trends for 2023

By Karin Conroy

How can your website remain relevant and stand out from the competition? Karin Conroy points to the biggest law firm website design trends of the year.

law firm website design

Big Changes on the Horizon for Law Firm Websites

Over the next few years, law firm website design is expected to evolve in a big way.

AI-powered features and marketing tools are, of course, one of the biggest trends this year, but “mobile-first” design will also be at the forefront. Mobile-first design defers to mobile users’ needs and ensures that sites created for desktops are optimized for smaller devices. Despite statistics that show most people use multiple devices (in addition to desktops and laptops), a surprising number of businesses do not use a responsive or mobile-first website design.

We can also expect websites to incorporate more video content and virtual reality tools, offering visitors a more immersive experience. Also trending: Web design will become increasingly personalized and tailored to the firm’s target audience. Understanding user intent and utilizing insights from analytics data will help firms build trust with clients and deliver a more valuable website experience.

As technologies and customer expectations evolve, law firms must find creative ways to stay ahead of the curve. How might the ever-changing landscape of website design shape your firm’s marketing and business development strategy? Let’s take a closer look

AI in Website Design

Artificial intelligence will play a major role in changing the way clients interact with your law firm’s website, making this an integral part of any website design project. Just for starters, AI and voice search can work together to improve your website’s user experience and create a more intuitive user interface.

Voice search is an important feature of website design for several reasons. First, it provides a more natural and convenient user experience by allowing users to ask questions in their language and use their own words instead of having to enter keywords or phrases. Second, voice search utilizes powerful AI algorithms to accurately determine the best possible response for each query. This helps provide a better and more reliable user experience, as AI can understand regional accents and different nuances of language that human beings may not catch. Finally, voice search can save time and resources when searching through large databases of information.

Voice-controlled search functions help users find the information they are looking for without navigating complex menus or searching through long pages of text. This is especially helpful for accessibility and people who struggle with traditional navigation techniques, allowing them to quickly find what they need without struggling through complicated menus.

Immersive Design

By experimenting with state-of-the-art graphics and design techniques, law firms can bring their websites into the now. For example, Arnold & Itkin has built an immersive experience using dynamic photos, and Haugen Law uses rollover animations and circular navigations to create interactivity.

Dynamic animation adds movement and interest, creating a more immersive experience for visitors. It can be used to encourage user engagement and help direct users’ attention toward important elements or calls to action.

One example of a law firm website with dynamic animation is the Asia-based Simmons and Simmons. They have used video background graphics to create an immersive experience. On the homepage, there is a fluid animation that follows their cursor as it hovers over the header section, giving users an interactive and stimulating experience.

Lead Tracking and Intake with AI and CRM

Technology is transforming the way law firms track leads and handle client intake. AI-powered analysis of data from digital marketing efforts is helping lawyers better understand the types of potential clients they should target. Automated customer relationship management (CRM) software can capture client leads before they slip away, while automated check-in systems — often using chatbots — save time and streamline intake processes.

According to recent research, 83% of law firms are using CRM software for lead tracking and intake. Additionally, 79% of law firms believe that AI-based solutions are helping them more effectively manage leads, allowing them to more accurately target potential customers and prioritize their workflows. These advances in technology have made it easier for lawyers to streamline their processes and better understand their clients’ needs.

For example, CRM software can track email conversations, capture important documents and record client contact information in a centralized system. Automated check-in systems can provide reminders for scheduling client meetings, create forms to collect necessary data from clients, and allow lawyers to quickly answer questions and respond to inquiries. Additionally, voice recognition technology is being used to allow attorneys to submit paperwork without having to manually enter it into the system. By taking advantage of these tools, law firms can save time and resources while delivering a seamless customer experience.

Keep Experimenting With Website Design Trends to Give Your Firm an Edge

From bold typography to interactive elements that use the latest technology, there are several ways to keep your website design fresh and relevant. Continue to track emerging website design trends, try different approaches, iterate and keep innovating. Experimenting with new design trends will give your firm an edge in the ever-evolving race for visibility.

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Originally published March 22, 2023
Last updated July 28, 2023
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Karin Conroy Creative Karin Conroy

Karin Conroy is the founder and Creative Director of Conroy Creative Counsel, an award-winning leader that has cracked the code of smart, sophisticated and strategic websites for law firms. Karin uses proven systems that result in more reach and revenue through strategic branding and positioning. Follow Karin on LinkedIn and @karinconroy.

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