Law Ruler April 2024


non-engagement letter

You’re Not Hired! The Rules of Non-Engagement (Letters)

Megan Zavieh | Non-engagement letters are exactly what they sound like: the opposite of an engagement letter. 

March 24, 2024 0 1
TimeSolv dashboards

Drive Business Performance with TimeSolv Dashboards

Capitalize on industry growth. Increase billable hours, with a scalable tracking and reporting solution like TimeSolv dashboards.

Originally published March 22, 2024
Last updated March 26, 2024
2 3
2024 Google Core Algorithm Update- FAQs for Lawyers

March 2024 Google Core Algorithm Update: FAQs for Lawyers

David Arato | The March 2024 Google Algorithm Update is particularly important for website owners in “Your Money or Your Life” industries like law.

March 22, 2024 0 0
lawyer small talk

4 Easy Steps to Being a Small-Talk Superstar

Bull Garlington | I’m going to give you two methods for mastering small talk. One for when you start, one for when they start. Ready? Let’s do this.

Originally published March 21, 2024
Last updated March 24, 2024
0 0

How to Successfully Manage Client Funds — and Mitigate Accounting and Legal Risks

Reid Thomas | Whether you’re a law firm owner or an individual attorney, it’s likely you’ll find yourself managing client funds at some point — including advance payments, settlement checks and expenses.

March 20, 2024 0 0
law firm conflicts

The 3 Most Common Conflicts in Law Firms and How to Resolve Them

Wendy Merrill | The sweep-it-under-the-rug attitude may seem to keep issues at bay, but avoidance creates fertile ground for festering feelings.

March 19, 2024 0 0
top AI tools for lawyer marketers

Top AI Tools for Lawyer Marketers

If you’re a lawyer or marketing professional charged with marketing your law firm check out these top AI tools for lawyers.

Originally published March 15, 2024
Last updated March 17, 2024
0 0
what makes a law firm attractive to buyers

What Makes a Law Firm Attractive to Buyers?

Brooke Lively | What makes a law firm attractive to buyers? Exactly the same things that make a firm a joy to own. Focus on these three things.

March 14, 2024 0 0
is being a lawyer ruining your relationship

Is the Law Ruining Your Relationship? Tips for Being a Better Partner

There’s an old saying, “Law is a jealous mistress.” After two of my own divorces and representing hundreds of divorce clients, I used to joke that I knew many ways to screw up a relationship but not very many ways to make them a success. Now I have a better idea of how lawyers can […]

Originally published March 13, 2024
Last updated March 15, 2024
2 0
email should have been a meeting

That Email Should Have Been a Meeting

Erik Mazzone | Next time you are paging through the 17th message in a thread, consider that sometimes, meetings are the right tool for the job.

March 12, 2024 1 0

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