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LawConnect Product Spotlight

Transforming Client Communication: LawConnect

By Richard Hugo-Hamman

Share client documents safely and securely on-the-go.

Over the past 15 years, email has become ubiquitous and has dramatically changed communication. A hand-scripted letter placed in an envelope is an outdated form of business communication. The time-consuming nature of handwriting and mailing the letter along with the subsequent waiting period to receive the letter is at odds with the on-demand culture of the 21st century. Email has become a time-saving solution to the onerous process of letter correspondences.

Attaching the letter to an email instead of physically mailing it ensures a faster mode of communication. Although, the replacing of a mailed letter with an email attachment does not necessarily guarantee greater security and enhanced communication. Instead, email attachments, especially lengthy and confidential attachments, often are the culprit for poor communication. One of the largest issues with email communication in the practice of law is the management of large attachments.


LawConnect helps solve miscommunication and security-related email problems.

LawConnect Eliminates Lost Email

George Bernard Shaw once said, “The greatest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” The sending of an email is not the confirmation that communication has taken place, though many people mistake it as such. A sent email can often result in a lack of communication. Take, for example, when a client sends an email with a blank subject line that automatically is filed in your spam box. It’s an all-too-familiar case when an urgent email is buried in a volume of emails.

Bypass tedious encryption protocol

Email security also contributes to miscommunication. A proliferation of concern regarding email security has resulted in increased safety measures. Many bar associations are enacting rules that require email and passwords to be encrypted. While encryption can be achieved with an email add-in, it is difficult for clients to access. To read an encrypted email, clients often must read through tedious instructions on how to open the email. Clients are mostly likely not going to read through long-winded directions on how to access the encrypted email. They will become stressed and will not bother to take the extra step to read the email.

How LawConnect Works

LawConnect is a subset within LEAP, legal software that helps solve miscommunication and security-related email problems. LawConnect is a safe cloud document management system that enables law firms to share and collaborate on documents with their clients.

Instead of emailing a copy of the attachment, you email a link sharing access to the document. Your client then logs into LawConnect to view the document instantly. This solves the issue of being unable to attach a large document due to the size. Additionally, your client will no longer have to undergo a frustrating encryption process when communicating by email. With LawConnect, world-class security measures are enacted, without the burden of encryption.

Client-side Uploads and Storage

As a bonus, your client can also upload documents into Law Connect. Imagine how convenient it will be to always have important documents, such as your clients’ identification details stored securely in a central location. Your client might even choose to store copies of documents such as insurance policies, wills, and other important documents for safekeeping and easy access.

The benefits of LawConnect include:

  • Organization. You instantly know which documents have been shared with a client, and your client can view all shared documents in one place.
  • Proof. The widespread problem of clients denying having received a document (and all the wasted time) is eliminated. You know that the document is available, and you can see when the document has been viewed.
  • Revocation. With LawConnect, you can instantly revoke access to any document.
  • Less risk. The greatest risk to client confidentiality is sending an email to the wrong person. LawConnect naturally reduces the chances of this happening, and if a mistake is made, rapid revocation is possible.
  • Security. Email hacking is becoming more common, causing a grave concern regarding sensitive matters. You can eliminate this risk with LawConnect. Shared documents are not emailed. They are stored safely in LEAP on services provided by Amazon Web Services, one of the safest and most secure providers of computer servers in the world.

LawConnect enables you to build strong relationships with your clients. They will enjoy improved communication when working with you on their matters and will trust you as a safe custodian of their documents in the long term. With LawConnect, your practice will operate more efficiently and increase its profitability.

About LEAP

LEAP is an integrated legal case management software system, enhancing small law firms’ efficiency, profitability, and productivity.

Richard Hugo-Hamman is Chairman of LEAP and has been involved in developing software for small law firms for more than 20 years. He may be contacted at or you can connect with Richard on LinkedIn or Follow LEAP’s LinkedIn company page. Visit for more information.

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Categories: Legal Technology, Managing a Law Firm, Product Spotlight
Originally published May 9, 2017
Last updated April 14, 2018
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