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Four Powerful Mobile Apps for Accessing Your Files

Whether or not you consider yourself a mobile lawyer, we’re all part of a professional community and society that embraces mobile technology. That means our clients and opposing counsel expect us to be able to access files and research at any ...

Noble McIntyre - July 2, 2014
Dropbox 102: Security Steps

A long time ago, in a life far away—November 2012—I wrote a Dropbox 101 post for Attorney at Work. Commenter Jeffrey Brandt suggested a "Dropbox 102" version to address security issues with sharing data in the cloud. It was a good suggestion, so ...

Vivian Manning - March 18, 2013
Note-Taking Apps for Android Lawyers: The 2.0 Update

The first thing to know about note-taking on any mobile device is that it’s not perfect. Another thing to know: If, like me, you’re accustomed to writing in microscopic chicken scratch for post-session translation, you probably won't like ...

Jeffrey Taylor - December 6, 2012
Stepping Into the Cloud: Practice Management Tools

By now we can probably all agree that the cloud is not a mysterious and scary thing. We've bought into the idea that "anytime, anywhere" access to files and other stuff is, indeed, a pretty cool thing—and key to running a smart practice. After ...

Joan Feldman - September 27, 2012
Mistakes Newbie Mobile Users Make

In the grand scheme of things, we are all newbies adjusting to using mobile devices. After all, even if you had one of the first iPhones, it has only been five years. Technology consultants and others who make their living helping us to find ...

Andrea Cannavina - September 21, 2012
Update: Top iPhone and iPad Apps for Lawyers

In January, we unveiled National Purchasing Partners and Verizon's list of the top iPhone and iPad apps being used by lawyers at the start of 2012—the "first annual." Since things move swiftly in the apps world, we asked for an update—who can ...

Joan Feldman - September 5, 2012
Checkpoint-Friendly Briefbags

In "Attorney at Large: A Field Guide for the Mobile Lawyer," 15 inveterate business travelers answered our questions about working on the move—and gave up some of their hard-earned travel and productivity secrets. While each has their own ideas ...

The Editors - August 7, 2012
A Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers

You can (and do) work anywhere—seat 32F, the B train, hotel bars, little league bleachers and wherever your feet (and your luggage) may land. With just a smartphone and a change of underwear, you’re off in a trice to tend to business in parts ...

The Editors - June 29, 2012
BlackBerry Speed Essentials

For better or worse, I've been a dedicated BlackBerry user for many years, more recently using a BlackBerry Bold and currently a BlackBerry Torch (9800). As with most smartphones, you can do much more with your BlackBerry by learning a few extra ...

Dan Pinnington - June 6, 2012
Sanity Tips for Road Warriors

The life of a successful lawyer who travels constantly for work can sound attractive, even alluring ... to those who don’t have to do it. They imagine going to exotic places, meeting with important people and dining in the best restaurants. But ...

Marcia Pennington Shannon - May 30, 2012

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