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Simplify Immigration Case Management with LollyLaw

A Major Innovation in the Way Immigration Firms Manage Forms, Collaborate with Clients, and Get Paid

By Lolly Law
manage day to day activities

Immigration attorneys face a variety of challenges when it comes to efficiently managing their day-to-day activities. Tasks like handling the lengthy form filling process, communicating effectively with clients, and accepting payment for all that hard work can be difficult when not managed correctly. The prolonged immigration process makes staying on top of every facet of a case extremely critical. When attorney’s are spending valuable time duplicating form population, playing phone tag with clients — and worst of all — hunting down missing payments, it limits the time they get to spend helping their clients reunite with family, or start a new life in a new country.

If you have been struggling to simplify arduous processes in your client work or have ever had a difficult time collecting payments from clients, LollyLaw may be the solution you are looking for. With LollyLaw, an all-in-one case management platform specifically designed with immigration practitioners in mind, you and your firm can revolutionize the immigration process from start to finish.

From automating client intake, to collaborating on PDFs in real-time during the form filling process, LollyLaw helps streamline every aspect of your work. Now, with the launch of LollyPayments you can also handle the entire payments process without ever leaving the LollyLaw application.

The All-in-One Case Management Platform for Immigration Attorneys

Not all case management platforms are alike, and the complexities that come with working at an immigration firm require a tailored approach. LollyLaw is equipped with:

  • Fully native all-in-one case management features such as intake, calendaring, time and billing, document management, client portal and SMS capabilities
  • Immigration-specific workflows that automate the lifecycle of cases
  • LollyForms, a one-of-a-kind feature that facilitates accurate form filing and accelerates the often tedious client intake process
  • Built-in online payments platform, LollyPayments, which allows attorneys to seamlessly and securely collect client payments without the need to switch between 3rd party tools
  • A comprehensive library of USCIS immigration forms updated hours from their release

Custom Immigration Workflows Increase Efficiency

Immigration-specific workflows within LollyLaw ensure you never miss a final action or filing date with workflows that generate case-specific tasks, milestones, and forms that will focus your teams around the activities most critical to your clients and your business.

These workflows are started upon completion of the client intake process, which is built with questionnaires that pertain to specific immigration case types — have your client fill them out once, and that data can be synced with all necessary forms in the future.

Form Filling Simplified With LollyForms

It’s no secret that form filling is one of the largest issues to tackle in today’s immigration process. Filling out immigration forms was once a tedious process — but now with LollyLaw’s built-in form filling feature, LollyForms, it’s quick and easy. Forms are automatically populated with client intake data, and missing information can be entered virtually and simultaneously by clients and attorneys in real time to complete necessary USCIS PDF forms.

This collaboration with your clients online allows you to personalize the form-filling experience, answer lingering questions, ensure accuracy, and save hours of time to complete the complicated forms. New immigration forms can be published overnight, so LollyLaw will alert you when forms need to be updated. This extra layer of coverage could mean the difference between a case continuing, or being sent to the back of the line.

LollyLaw immigration

Collaborate on USCIS forms from anywhere with LollyLaw

Get Paid Right Within Your Case Management Platform With LollyPayments

Getting paid doesn’t have to be a challenge. The right technology can open many doors for both you and your clients to make the payments process easier. LollyPayments does just that by offering:

  • Fastest payment turnaround time in the industry with firms receiving funds 70% faster on average
  • Widest range of payment options in the industry including robust scheduled payment plans, payments via SMS, payments via QR Code, and payment client portals that can be translated into more than 10 languages
  • 100% compliance with IOLTA, the ABA, and all 50 state bar guidelines for accepting online payments
  • Simple and transparent pricing with no added monthly membership fees
payment info

Entering payment information is simple with LollyPayments

How LollyPayments Makes Collections Easier

When presented with options, clients are able to pay faster because they can choose the method that works best for them. With LollyPayments, you can get paid by credit card, eCheck, or you can even accurately track and manage cash and paper check payments delivered in person — it’s all about providing convenience to your clients!

There’s nothing more convenient for clients than payment plans when it comes to paying invoices. These plans allow for two things: Your clients can pay down their invoices on a cadence that fits them and you no longer have to spend hours each month hunting down missing or late payments. Setting up payment plans in LollyPayments is easy and plans come equipped with automatic payment reminders that are sent to each client when a payment is due.

LollyPayments offers the lowest fees in the industry at 2.8% across all credit card types and 1% for ACH, and best yet — it’s entirely built within LollyLaw, which saves your firm the need for costly third-party processors.

LollyLaw dashboard

View the status of payments directly from the LollyLaw dashboard

The Full Immigration Package

LollyLaw helps immigration attorneys effortlessly manage all major functions of their immigration practice through a single intuitive platform. Now, with LollyPayments you can also streamline the payment process from start to finish — making LollyLaw the complete solution for any immigration firm’s needs. Schedule a demo today to see for yourself!

About LollyLaw

LollyLaw is the all-in-one law practice management software tailored to immigration law firms. The platform streamlines the major functions of an immigration firm including client intake, client communications, immigration form filling (LollyForms), case management, time and billing and payments (LollyPayments) through a single intuitive platform. LollyLaw is consistently rated the easiest to use case management solution for immigration firms.

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