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The Friday Five

Looking at Pictures

By The Editors

It’s Friday, and the end of a very long week. Let’s just kick back, cool off  and have a little intellectual fun learning the easy way: through pictures!

1. Visualize Health. First up, compare and contrast health conditions and risk factors in your favorite state with the United States as a whole. If you don’t like the way things look, click on your state and a second state where you might consider moving. This interactive infographic, created as part of GE’s sponsorship of TEDMED, allows you manipulate the information to find the best place on the map for you to be.

2. Think Global. Age has become one of the most interesting bits of data in support of marketing as well as politics, economics—and nearly everything else you can think of that will make up our future world. According to the United Nations, the world’s elderly population is growing at its fastest rate ever. Compare generational differences among eight industrialized nations on a continuum between 1950 and 2050. Very interesting, indeed.

3. Anticipate 2015. Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow is a thoroughly entertaining and eye-opening animated short film prepared for the 2011 MRC European-Commerce Payments & Risk Conference, held in Barcelona last month. In essence, it provides 15 key facts and conclusions about the future of the Internet in 2015. That’s only four years away. Better watch watch this.

4. Protect the future that is not here. Invited to deliver the keynote address at the recent G8 Conference on the Internet, Lawrence Lessig delivered a characteristically brilliant and searing speech. With slides as dazzling in their simplicity as his ideas are wise, he spoke about the origins of innovation and the role of government, the ways we learn and the unknown future. It’s surprising that this topic gets you up on your feet by the end. Just see if it doesn’t.

5. Astound yourself. Intel’s cool little free app, The Museum of Me, lets you visualize yourself via your own Facebook profile as if you were a museum exhibit. That’s right, imagine a video “archive” of your online social life. It’s quick to create and really quite moving to view, as it pulls in friends’ photos, words and even video images from your links. There’s a soundtrack to enhance your viewing pleasure, too.

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