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Unlocking the Power of Your Bar Association Membership

By Nicole Abboud

In this video, I share four things you should be doing to get the most out of any bar association membership.

Congratulations on becoming a lawyer! One of the best perks for new lawyers is the waived membership fees offered by many state and local bar associations. It’s an incredible opportunity to access valuable resources at no cost. Hi, I’m Nicole Abboud, a leadership speaker and blogger at In this video, I’ll share practical tips on how to maximize your bar association membership.

Attend the Events

Showing up is crucial! Schedule bar association events on your calendar and mentally prepare yourself. It may be tempting to skip them, but attending is worth it. Plus, most of the time there’s food! Some associations even organize weekend hikes or golf outings. Take advantage of these opportunities.

Explore the Resources

Explore the resources offered by your bar association. Look for free or discounted Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses, which are essential for your professional development. As a young lawyer, you might find CLE programs similar to these:

  • Navigating the Legal Job Market
  • Introduction to Legal Research
  • Essential Business Skills for Lawyers
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Connect with Board Members

If leadership interests you, connect with board members. Attend events, introduce yourself, and engage in conversations. Express your interest in future involvement and leadership roles. Board members appreciate enthusiastic new members. Build connections for future opportunities.

Embrace Online Networking

Don’t limit yourself to in-person events. Engage online! Follow bar associations on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. Participate in discussions and connect with professionals. Subscribe to their newsletters for updates. Utilize social media to build your brand and network.

Being a member of a bar association offers tremendous benefits. Attend events, utilize resources, connect with board members, and engage online to make the most of your membership. Invest your time wisely in bar association activities for long-term professional growth.

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Nicole Abboud Nicole Abboud

Nicole Abboud is a millennial leadership speaker, host of the award-winning podcast “The Gen Y Lawyer” and a former practicing attorney. You can learn more about her at and on LinkedIn.

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