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New Math, New Money

A Lawyer’s Guide to the Changing Business of Law
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New Math New Money DownloadThe big changes coming to the legal profession? They’ve arrived. And at this point, you’re either on the bus or behind it. So if you’re feeling a little panicky, or need a nudge in the right direction, download Attorney at Work’s latest e-zine: “New Math, New Money: A Lawyer’s Guide to the Changing Business of Law.”

Inside “New Math, New Money” you’ll find wit and wisdom on the new marketplace, including features like these:

  • “The Money-Making Proposition” by Merrilyn Astin Tarlton
  • “Three Ways to Compete in the Coming Legal Market” by Jordan Furlong
  • “ACC Value Champions: Taking Charge of Legal Spending” by Catherine Moynihan
  • “Five Reasons Non-Hourly Billing Improves Your Client’s Experience” by Patrick Lamb
  • “Let’s Talk About Alternative Fees” by Mark Robertson
  • “The Virtual Law Practice: Look Before You Take the Leap” by Megan Zavieh
  • “Simple, Clear and Flat: Selling Packaged Legal Services Online” by Josh King
  • With hot tips on using fixed fees by Andy Daws and Novus Law’s Joanna Penn and Jerry Carter, a virtual practice profile by Jared Correia, insights into the LLLT and more.

Plus, you’ll get a little perspective from thought leaders Mark Britton, Toby Brown, Maggie Callicrate, Jim Calloway, Tom Clay, Anthony Davis, Bob Denney, Ron Friedmann, Silvia Hodges Silverstein, Steve Matthews, Stephen Mayson and Megan Zavieh. We asked them what excites them most — and what concerns them — about the future of law practice.

What’s a lawyer to do with all this? Get some really good advice for new (and current) lawyers from Kathleen Brady, Grover Cleveland, Andrew Perlman, Marcia Pennington Shannon, R. Amani Smathers and Wendy Werner.

Download your free copy of “New Math, New Money!”



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