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Leveraging Your Law Degree to Save Big Money on Your Student Loans

By Joshua Holt
law school student loans

Cashback Bonuses and Lower Interest Rates

If you have law school student loans, did you know that you could get a cashback bonus between $300 to $1,000 when you refinance while also cutting your interest rate substantially?

Many financially savvy lawyers are focused on paying off their undergraduate and law school student loans and Sidebar is dedicated to helping those lawyers find the lowest rates possible. Started by two lawyers who graduated during the Great Recession, eliminating student loan debt among the legal community is our mission.

Here are a few features of our program:

  • Save 2% to 4% on your current interest rates, which could save you (tens of) thousands over the course of repaying your law school student loans.
  • No origination, prepayment, service, or any other fees for refinancing.
  • Cashback bonuses ranging from $300 to $1,000, depending on the amount refinanced and lender.

Who Is Ideal for Refinancing?

There are several types of attorneys who could benefit from refinancing:

  1. Brand new attorneys. Lawyers who have recently graduated from law school start with high student loan balances and very little cash. Refinancing student loans can lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, or do both, giving new lawyers flexibility and savings at the same time.
  2. Transitioning attorneys. Lawyers considering a new job or different career path may want to refinance student loans before the job switch to take advantage of their current debt-to-income ratio to qualify for the best rates available.
  3. Seasoned attorneys. If you refinanced your student loans previously, rates are at an all-time low and we recommend checking to see whether you qualify for a lower rate today. Since there are no costs associated with refinancing, you can save money by finding a lower rate that may be available to you due to our low-interest-rate environment, a better debt-to-income ratio as your salary increases and you pay off your debt, or finding a lender that can simply offer you a better rate.

Who Is Not Ideal for Refinancing?

Attorneys who are pursuing forgiveness via an Income-Driven Repayment Plan or Public Service Loan Forgiveness. If you refinance your federally held loans, you will no longer qualify for current or future benefits applicable to federally held loans.

How to Check Rates and Find Cashback Bonuses

Sidebar is providing cashback bonuses across a variety of student loan refinancing lenders, as well as tracking the lowest rates currently available. We want to help you pay off your student debt faster, save money and ultimately break free of the student loan chains so that you can live your best life.

For more information, check out the lowest interest rates and best cashback bonuses.

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Categories: Law Firm Financial Management, Personal Finance, Product Spotlight, You At Work
Originally published March 16, 2021
Last updated June 24, 2023
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Joshua Holt Joshua Holt

Former Goodwin Procter private equity M&A, Josh is the founder of Biglaw Investor. He started his legal career with over $200,000 in debt and soon realized that paying off debt, learning the tax code and mastering retirement accounts would be a second job, whether he wanted it or not. Over the past decade, Josh has made it his mission to pass along the lessons he learned along the way to accelerate other lawyer’s journey to financial independence. He lives in Austin with his wife and son.

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