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AbacusNext + Attorney at Work Checklist

Six Steps to Efficient Document Automation

By The Editors

Document automation checklist

Efficient legal document automation eliminates firm workflow bottlenecks, less time spent chasing information, and more secure collaboration. Download the checklist “6 Steps to Efficient Document Automation”

In the past year, law firms have adopted legal technology at an unprecedented pace. These firms have:

  • Consolidated their systems in the cloud
  • Eliminated workflow bottlenecks
  • Spent less time chasing information and more time producing

The result: increased efficiency and more secure collaboration. Eliminated workflow bottlenecks, spent less time chasing information, and consolidated their systems—all resulting in more secure collaboration. Document automation is a particularly valuable part of that equation, allowing firms to collect client and case information one time in an accurate, intuitive, and secure manner. Information can then be accessed and updated as often as needed, increasing productivity, mitigating malpractice risk, and delivering more return on investment.

Legal Document Automation Is Key

In particular, attorneys are noticing significant benefits from document generation tools to assemble perfect documents automatically.

Today’s document automation tools allow you to more easily collect client and case information  — one time — increasing productivity, mitigating malpractice risk, and delivering more return on investment.

Download Your Free Checklist

Download “6 Steps to Efficient Document Automation,” here, for a breakdown of the key points to consider when evaluating document automation tools for your firm.

About the Sponsor

AbacusNext is a leading technology provider for legal professionals. We empower our customers to grow their businesses, better serve their clients, and operate at peak efficiency—all within a secure, cloud-enabled ecosystem. Our product portfolio includes practice management, payment processing, private cloud hosting, and document automation solutions designed to make work easier.

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Categories: Checklist, Legal Cybersecurity, Legal Software, Legal Technology, Product Spotlight
Originally published March 23, 2020
Last updated July 18, 2020
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