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The Best Thing to Do with Good Advice Is Pass It On

By The Editors

Take a peek behind the doors of Attorney at Work and you’ll see that an amazing group of “name” experts serve as our Advisors. They are our resources, inspiration, reality check and occasional contributors. Most of them are crazy busy all over the world, but somehow they make time to blog as part of their daily routine.

This week’s Friday Five links you to some really useful material on a few of their blogs and websites.

1. Steve Matthews of Stem Legal delivers a great and detailed recommendation on how to avoid problems when changing domains. Inspired by this week’s debut of the American Bar Association’s redesigned website, Steve outlines critical steps you must take to avoid being “lost” to the world when your address changes.

2. Burkey Belser’s firm, Greenfield/Belser Ltd., launched its new website this week as well. If you want to see how the experts do it, click on over to the site, which is designed to teach as well as inform. And check their blog, Brand Thinking, too, for the second installment in their “How to Blog” series.

3. Bob Ambrogi, prolific blogger and Internet expert, can be found at Law Sites, of course. This week he looked at cloud computing for lawyers. His post includes a great Legal Talk Network video of a panel discussion at last week’s LegalTech conference. Bob is joined by Andy Adkins and Carolyn Elefant, and their discussion is moderated by another one of our Advisors, Tom Mighell. Watch it and you may finally understand what this cloud fuss is all about.

4. Dan Pinnington is at least as prolific as Bob, if not more so. (Google him and you’ll see what we mean!) He’s part of the recently launched SlawTips, a sub-blog of the hugely popular Canadian blog, Slaw. This Tuesday, Dan suggested ways to determine when e-mail will do rather than a face-to-face conversation.

5. Sally Schmidt is prolific on Twitter, delivering daily doses of informative tweets. And if you go to her website you’ll find one of the very best collections of useful articles on marketing and business development for lawyers. Why? Because she’s “that guy”—the very first president of the Legal Marketing Association and still setting precedent nearly 30 years later!

Categories: Daily Dispatch, Friday Five, Legal Technology
Originally published February 11, 2011
Last updated May 11, 2020
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