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Thomson Reuters Product Spotlight

Three Basic Tips to Improve Your Law Firm Management

By Thomson Reuters

Let’s face it: You went to law school so you could serve your clients and your community, not so you could order toner for the office printer and print your invoices. But, what is your reality? If you are like many other solo and small law firms, up to 40 percent of your time is spent on activities other than practicing law.

Wearing multiple hats makes balancing the workload a challenge for many. If you focus too much on practicing law, managing the firm becomes unmanageable.

But, don’t despair.

Do you know what separates the most successful law firms from the rest?

How they spend 10 percent of their time, according to the Thomson Reuters 2016 State of U.S. Small Law Firms Study.

It reports that the most successful law firms spend 63 percent of their time practicing law, the rest spend about 53 percent. The most successful law firms also spend half as much time on administrative tasks than other firms.

Inefficient allocation of your time has a direct impact on law firm success. How can you adopt time-saving routines and improve your time management so you can spend more time on money generating activity and find work-life balance?

This free How to Run a Successful Small Law Firm whitepaper answers that question and provides three basic tips that any lawyer can adopt to ensure the most time is spent on the most important work.

The whitepaper also discusses:

  • How attorneys can fully engage the creative process to capture their full value and move the law forward
  • How to increase efficiency on the non-value added administrative tasks that take valuable time out of the day
  • How to identify the most important technology investment to make for a strong law firm foundation and to simplify law firm management

Get your free download of the How to Run a Successful Small Law Firm whitepaper now.

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Categories: Legal Technology, Product Spotlight
Originally published October 12, 2017
Last updated December 20, 2020
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