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A TimeSolv + Attorney at Work Checklist

Time and Billing Software Checklist

By The Editors

“Time & Billing Software Checklist”. Learn the the ways your billing and timekeeping software can boost your law practice’s profitability.

To improve your law firm’s profitability, you could hire more staff to help you take on more clients and increase revenues. You could cut your overhead expenses and work longer hours. Or you could take better advantage of your existing technology and make smarter decisions about your firm’s next steps.

For example, you may not realize all the ways your time-and-billing software can help you grow your firm — and be more profitable along the way.

Six Ways Billing and Timekeeping Software Helps Boost Your Profitability

Get your copy of the “Time & Billing Software Checklist” and learn the ways your billing and timekeeping software can boost your law practice’s profitability. For example, did you know you can leverage time and billing technology to help you:

  • Be more efficient
  • Improve accountability
  • Monitor milestones and boost morale
  • Increase transparency (which makes clients really happy)
  • Better manage large and small projects

Click here to download your copy. In addition, there’s a  features checklist to help you evaluate time and billing software.

About the Sponsor
TimeSolv Corporation is a Minnesota-based company providing leading class billing, timekeeping and project management tools for law firms since 1999. TimeSolv’s web-based platform is compatible for both PCs and Macs, and offers an iOS and Android app. TimeSolv billing and timekeeping software provides an outstanding experience for both law firms and your clients.

SPONSORED CONTENT. Our checklists showcases content provided by Attorney at Work sponsors and advertisers. This does not constitute a product endorsement by Attorney at Work. See Terms and Conditions for more information. 

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