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The Friday Five

Valentine’s Emergency?

By The Editors

You do remember that it’s Valentine’s Day today, right? Or have you been so busy with work, and life (and the Sochi games), you totally forgot? Maybe like some of us (gulp), you put off the gift-giving decision too long and now you’re in a panic. Well, don’t fret! Here are five ideas to help spark the romance — easily accomplished within a few hours’ time, max. (Already taken care of your valentine-giving? Good! Stash these ideas away for a rainy day.)

1. Write something. You’re a lawyer — a wizard with words! Put those writing skills to good use expressing your innermost feelings. Write a letter. Or a poem. Or a song, even. Not a text. Not a Facebook message. Sit and write something real and good and true. If you are one for whom this sort of writing has become a lost art, or if you just need a little spark of inspiration, then lay your hands on some great examples from people who really knew what they were doing. A few examples:

2. Read something … out loud. If writing under pressure isn’t for you, rely on the masters to provide the words. They are, after all, universal. Below are a few choices you might record in your own voice and send as an MP3. But better yet, get up close and personal to read them out loud over a little bubbly. Take it from us, that would be huge.

3. Dip it in chocolate. Truly, this doesn’t have to be difficult: There are chocolate boutiques, grocery stores and gift shops in every mall in America selling chocolate-dipped strawberries today. Lacking in creativity? Perhaps. Effective? Absolutely. If you’re in a DIY mood, though, by all means cook up something romantic. Still, for a big finish, we’re recommending you ditch the fancy dessert and put chocolate-dipped anything on the menu. (You’re welcome.)

4. Give it your best shot. Everyone loves to see themselves through the eyes of someone who loves them. Surely you’ve taken a stunning photo of that certain someone, or have a favorite shot of the two of you, so why not print and frame it? Or, if you’re really out of time, how about a certificate for a free portrait session? For help getting the shot, check the New York Institute of Photography’s guidelines for taking romantic portraits. This could be something your valentine remembers forever!

5. Make it last. And while we’re on the subject of forever … there are ways to make the love last for a really long time. Clever gift subscriptions of all stripes, edible and not, can keep those good feelings going, month after month. For example, there are monthly deliveries of artisan candies and chocolates, beautiful blooms, bread and wine clubs, and more manly options like bacon and booze. Whatever plucks your sweetie’s heartstrings. Get online now to place your order, then print out a picture and slip it into a card. (You did remember about the card, right?) Now every month when the latest package arrives, that special someone will be thinking of you.

BONUS IDEAS: Check the ideas in our past Valentine’s posts, “What We’ll Do for Love” and “Put Your Heart Into It.”

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Categories: Daily Dispatch, Friday Five, Passions, Playtime
Originally published February 14, 2014
Last updated November 6, 2019
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