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Video Marketing Tips for Law Firms

By Annette Choti

Video for law firms has become a popular digital marketing strategy. Video content is more engaging than traditional long-form articles, and the afforded expression of emotion can help law firms convert leads into clients. To produce quality videos for your law firm, you need to understand what types of videos you should be making, how to film the content, where to distribute it and how to evaluate success.

Types of Video for Law Firms

For lawyers, there are four types of video content: practice area introductions, attorney profiles, client testimonials and FAQs.

Firm or Practice Area Introductions

To introduce potential clients to your law firm, create videos that showcase your firm’s specialties. Include videos on your website that focus on your firm and practice areas. Consider recording information about the start and growth of the business, as well as your mission statement.

For practice areas, give an overview of why you conduct law in those areas and the types of issues your clients experience.

Attorney Bios

If your firm has multiple attorneys who specialize in different areas of law, it is crucial to include their profiles on your website. One of the more creative ways to do this is by creating a video to introduce each attorney individually. When planning the individual bios, remember to balance the content between professional and personal. You want them to talk about why and when they got started in the law, as well as the types of cases they handle. In terms of personal information, they can discuss where they are from and relevant personal anecdotes.

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Client Testimonials

If you have focused on your law firm’s online review strategy, you know that positive client testimonials build trust among potential clients. While Google reviews and written website testimony are helpful, consider reaching out to past clients to request that they share their experience with your law firm on video. If they accept, ask them to share some information about their background, and then have them delve into their legal situation and how your law firm helped.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for ways to incorporate new informational content on your website? Consider filming FAQ videos. Start with your firm’s most active practice area, and create a video that addresses the questions you receive most often. You might include this video on those individual practice area pillar pages, or your website might contain an FAQ page.

How to Film and Produce Video Content

When it comes to filming and producing video content, you need to start with an idea and a script. Once you know what type of content you want to cover in your video, start writing what you will say.

In creating your initial video script, keep in mind what your audience is looking for and what your goals are for making the video. Your audience is most likely looking for legal information to determine whether or not they need your help, while your goal is to generate new business. Focus your script on both of those elements.

Once you have your script down, it is time to consider the actual production of the video. Whether you film and edit the video yourself or outsource production to a digital marketing company, you will want to consider the type of camera to use, proper lighting, sound clarity and editing platforms.

Where to Distribute Video Content

Once you have produced your video content, it is time to decide where to publish and share it.  The most common places attorneys publish video content are on their own law firm website, social media channels, YouTube and via email marketing.

Your Website

Depending on the purpose of your videos, you may find them relevant to your website. If the video gives an overarching view of your law firm or highlights its services, consider adding it to your homepage. Homepage videos have been shown to increase conversions and improve search engine rankings. Also, consider including videos on individual practice area web pages.

Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms

All major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, have ways to incorporate video content. Social media videos can connect you with potential clients faster when used and shared properly. Keeping your videos up-to-date on all social media channels is vital to ensure potential clients get the most current information.

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Given how YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world, sharing your videos on YouTube can increase your firm’s exposure and improve your online visibility. To publish videos on YouTube, you will need to create a YouTube channel for yourself or your firm or business. You can then share those videos on your website or social media platforms using YouTube’s share menu (see below). The embed code option gives you more control when placing videos within posts or articles on your website and in email newsletters.

Video for Law Firms - YouTube Sharing

Email Marketing

If part of your digital marketing strategy includes email marketing, include the videos your law firm produces in your newsletters or other messages to your email list. Videos tend to be more intriguing than typical content, so you will likely see higher engagement rates when you include a video in an email.

Evaluating Video Marketing Results

To determine the success of your law firm’s video campaigns or marketing strategies, you need to measure and analyze the results. To start, keep an eye on the number of views a given video receives. If no one is watching, the problem could be that it is not valuable for your target audience. Or it may be you have not distributed it properly.

Views are not the only analytics to consider when evaluating video marketing results. You also want to track client leaves and conversions. Use a lead tracking system to capture where your leads originated from and calculate your conversion rate and return on investment.

Improve Your Marketing Strategies With Law Firm Videos

With the right videos for law firms, you can establish a new marketing strategy that boosts your law firm’s online visibility and converts more potential leads into paying clients. Remember that while you can produce your videos, many professional marketing teams focus solely on videography. Which route you choose ultimately depends on your law firm’s budget, your schedule, and your own digital marketing experience.

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Annette Choti Annette Choti

Annette Choti graduated from law school 20 years ago, and is the CEO and owner of Law Quill, a legal digital marketing agency focused on small and solo law firms. She is the author of “Click Magnet: The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide for Law Firms” (2022). Annette used to do theater and professional comedy, which is not so different from the legal field if we are all being honest. She can be found on LinkedIn or at

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