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A Thomson Reuters Checklist

What Features Should Legal Drafting Software Provide?

Are your "business as usual" habits affecting your law firm's ROI?

By Thomson Reuters

Business as Usual

Trending in meeting conversations, strategic business plans and lessons learned: Leverage the “next big thing” to reduce expensive risks and add a chunk of profit into small law firm coffers, quickly and without a painful transition.

If there’s one lesson small firms have learned in the past eight years, it’s that how you work matters as much to your bottom line as the work you produce. Administrative delays, typos and conflict mistakes are costly. And there are affordable technologies on the market for this purpose: legal drafting software, built and applicable only to the legal industry, can make a huge impact—enough, according to a Thomson Reuters study of attorneys conducting actual legal work, that 90% of attorneys said that it results in fewer citation and copy errors.

Because of this and several other factors, drafting tech is likely to be the “it” innovation that small law firms implement. Drafting software makes a real impact on small law firm profitability … and simultaneously helps attorneys enjoy a less stressful lifestyle.

Where do you start looking for the right drafting program? Of course Drafting Assistant, the solution offered by Thomson Reuters isn’t the only item on the market that is billed as a drafting technology, so choosing the right one is important.

Here’s a convenient shopping list for small law firms to be sure your investment will bring the best return.

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