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Zola Suite Product Spotlight

Zola and RPost Empower Lawyers with Certified E-Delivery Proof and Encryption

By Deborah Tesser

Zola Suite Launches RPost’s Services in its Law Practice Management Platform

Zola Suite has announced that email open tracking, certified e-delivery proof, email encryption, and e-signatures are now built into its law practice management email, matter, and time management functions.

This combination of Zola Suite and RPost redefines “legal email” for lawyers.

Zola Suite is a comprehensive, cloud-based legal practice management software platform that has received rave reviews for its next generation practice management features. RPost is the global leader in secure and certified electronic communications, having provided email tracking, proof, and security for large and small firm lawyers for more than a decade.

“Imagine — a lawyer can send an email that is easily associated and stored with the client-matter file, encrypted, with a Registered Email™ receipt for proof it was delivered and opened. Wow! That is what the combination of RMail and Zola Suite provides,” reports Catherine Sanders Reach, Director of Law Practice Management & Technology of The Chicago Bar Association, a proponent of both platforms.

“Zola Suite’s RPost integration truly brings next generation capabilities to Zola’s email client,” said Fred Cohen, CEO and Chief Architect of Zola Suite. “With the click of a button, attorneys can now send encrypted emails without leaving Zola Suite and access court-admissible proof of email content delivered, time-stamped and recorded automatically with its associated client matter. We are thrilled to be the only practice management application to offer this technology built in, for the benefit of all Zola Suite users.”

“RPost strives to make its technology a click away from wherever people send important email,” adds RPost’s CEO Zafar Khan. “We know Zola users rely on Zola’s email client to seamlessly manage their matter-related emails. Now they can use the RPost integration to send their most critical email – email that has true consequence if a recipient is to deny receipt, dispute content, or inadvertently expose its confidential information. We are pleased to support Zola in being the first law practice management platform to truly protect their clients with RPost email security and compliance now built-in.” The Florida Bar, The Chicago Bar Association, and other leading bar associations have recommended their members use RPost’s Registered Email™ services for time-dependent and critical email.

About Zola Suite

Zola Suite is a comprehensive, cloud-based legal practice management application that brings the advantage of a 360-degree integrated solution to law firms. Zola Suite puts the Power of ONE into practice with next generation case management capabilities, built-in email, document automation, integrated legal billing, and complete accounting in an intuitive, fast and fun interface. Zola can be accessed on any device and has dedicated iOS and Android applications that are designed to help attorneys take their practice on the road. Zola has all of the tools needed to help make a legal practice operate like a business, so that lawyers can focus on the law.

About RPost

The global leader in secure and certified electronic communications, RPost has helped businesses enhance their security, compliance, and productivity for more than a decade. RPost is the creator of the patented Registered Email™ technology, which provides email senders with Legal Proof® evidence of delivery, time of delivery, and exact message content in the form of a Registered Receipt™ email record. Since inventing Registered Email technology in 2000, RPost has successfully commercialized four software platforms
— RMail, RSign, RForms, and RPostal — used by more than 25 million people throughout the world for email tracking, email encryption, e-signatures, and secure large file transfers. RPost has won the World Mail Award for “Best in Security,” and leading bar associations have approved RPost’s RMail® service as a preferred member benefit. For more information on this news release, please contact:

Deborah Tesser is VP, Strategic Planning for Zola Media. Contact her at deborah.tesser@zolamedia.com

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Categories: Legal Cybersecurity, Legal Technology, Managing a Law Firm, Product Spotlight
Originally published April 13, 2017
Last updated February 11, 2018
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