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T-Rex with open mouth jerks at work

Dress for Excess

The other day, Oriella, one of the young legal secretaries, wore these sandal-type shoes with long leather straps wrapping up to mid-calf. I thought they looked pretty, and a little sexy, and remarked on them to one of the older partners. His response was, “Well, I guess it’s time to revisit the old dress code again.” I shuddered at the thought. Like most firms, mine has undergone many battles over attire over the years. In the '60s it was long hair on lawyers (all men, of course). How far over the collar was acceptable? What about that new associate’s ponytail? We blew past the no bra trend quickly. (As someone quipped, “The proponents had no support.”)

Originally published October 23, 2012
Last updated April 28, 2018
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