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Five Ways to Use Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are an easy way to group what flows through Twitter so that you can better organize the flood of information. I've found that Twitter lists are useful for all kinds of things — whether they're private so that you can keep tabs on a hobby or very public so that you can leverage them for networking and business development. I use lists to: 1. Follow conferences and events, such as the #ABATechShow and LTNY. 2. Keep up with groups and associations (COLPM and ILTA). 3. Monitor just the tweets of a core group of people of the likes of @taxgirl and @chrisbrogan. 4. Stay abreast of the happenings regarding a certain keyword such as #legalIT and the popular #legalchat (which are Fridays at 11 a.m. ET). 5. View the tweets of certain users, without technically actually following them. You can add users to lists without following them from your account. There are certain people I refuse to follow, but in some instances I will see their tweets — generally when an event comes around and they start their spam-markety crap (which is why I don’t actually follow them in the first place). Still, this can be a very useful way to see what someone is tweeting that is less noticed than an actual follow. Setting up Twitter lists is easy — the directions are right here. However, there are a few things you will need to decide when creating your lists ... READ MORE

Originally published September 27, 2013
Last updated April 13, 2018
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