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Rise to the Top: Five Super Marketing Tips for Lawyers

"People don't want to hire at the bottom or middle of the barrel, they want to hire at the top of the barrel." At the Third Annual Super Marketing Conference, Boston lawyer David White pointed out that, "We're all experts, we all have our law degree." The question is, how do you rise to the top? White joined a host of excellent speakers this past June at Suffolk School of Law to deliver some super advice for lawyers. The theme? "Accelerate Your Marketing."  Here are five take-aways for doing just that. 1. Use content to build your credibility — just like always. Content marketing has been around for a long time, says Beth Marie Cuzzone, Director of Client Services and Business Development at Goulston & Storrs. “It’s just a new term for something most of us do intuitively — a technique where you are either constantly pulling or pushing marketing content to a particular target market.” She spoke along with David White and solo Cynthia MacCausland on the topic “Content Is Still King.” What is new, Cuzzone explained, is all the ways we now push out information—our new “distribution channels.” Where we once used newsletters, websites and seminars, now it’s search listings, blogs, ebooks, video, infographics, video and social media. You want to fill all those channels, and more, with credible, consistent content that helps you rise to the top of searches. “You have to stay in front of your audience and remind them why they love you,” White says. And don’t be shy ... READ MORE

Originally published January 3, 2014
Last updated August 31, 2020
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