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Magic Bullet Theory: The Social Media Problem

When stalking canonical monsters, you get to pack light. For the most part, there’s only the one item you’ll need to finish the job, assuming you can get close enough, and can maintain your nerve. If you’re going to do a werewolf, you need a silver bullet. If a vampire is your aim, you’re going to want a stake. I’m pretty sure you can finish Franken Berry with a spoon. Traveling upon a rerouted mystic highway, lawyers tend to think of social media in the same fashion, at both ends of a spectrum. Those who refuse to accept there is any business utility to social media marketing discount the opportunity by proxy, in favor of the sacred objection. Those who view social media marketing as a cure-all imagine a new-fangled magic bullet, theorizing a circuitous, aphysical path through the hearts and minds of actualizing clients everywhere. The answer lies somewhere in between. ... READ MORE

Originally published January 30, 2014
Last updated February 18, 2020
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