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Attorney at Work Friday Five

The Five Clients You Meet In Hell

Mitch Albom, who has been regularly employed as a sportswriter for the Detroit Free Press, has written songs for Warren Zevon and penned a few books, one of which is "The Five People You Meet in Heaven." Now, I’ve never read that book (per my mostly ironclad rule that I don’t read any books published after 1952 — what’s up Thomas Hardy?), but its title has given me some inspiration for this post. In fact, I like the idea so much, I’m doubling down on it: Imma give you 10 clients you’ll meet at the vestibule of Hell, Virgil describing the paces to you. (So, I guess I got next Friday covered, too, then.) The envelope please ... top 10 worst clients ... READ MORE

Originally published May 23, 2014
Last updated October 20, 2020
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