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Receive Feedback

How to Receive Feedback

Feedback is constructive information you can use to identify problems you need to correct and strengths you can build on. It can also give you new ideas that will revitalize your practice. But getting feedback, even when you asked for it, can still be fraught with anxiety. ("What if I hear something negative? What if I have to revamp everything I’m doing? Tell me again — why am I doing this at all?") If you’ve decided to seek out feedback, and have identified your goals, audience, timing, and methods for getting that feedback, you’re halfway to the finish line. (See "How to Ask for Feedback.") To get the rest of the way there, you need to know how to receive the feedback you’ve asked for. Knowing what to do with the information you get will help relieve some of your lingering doubts about the wisdom of this whole endeavor. ... READ THE REST

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