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Target Practice: Writing for Marketing

Ask any parent of a small child, and they’ll tell you: Caillou is a whiny little puke. On the scale of fears for parents, seeing that a "Caillou" episode is coming on the television, and knowing that you won’t have the dexterity to swiftly change the channel, lies somewhere between being eaten by a hippopotamus and feeling the Earth approach the Sun. ... But, the thing is, little kids love Caillou. ... So, from the perspective of the creators of the Caillou universe, they don’t care whether kids’ parents like it, because the parents aren’t the target audience. There is, of course, a lesson to be learned here. An Audience of One. Lawyers have a long-standing problem when it comes to developing marketing content, which should be their bread and butter. Even if you can’t directly say so, in some cases, you’re selling your expertise. The problem is that lawyers write for themselves, not for an audience. ... READ THE REST

Originally published January 21, 2015
Last updated October 20, 2020
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