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How to Stimulate Referrals from Every Matter

It's not that we want to put words in your mouth. But it has come to our attention that sometimes people struggle with what to say when they ask for work, or try to deliver a specific business development (sales!) message. Business development trainer Mike O'Horo is rarely at a loss for words. Starting today, his new column "Well Said!" is dedicated to helping you find the words — and get comfortable using them. Referrals are the Holy Grail of the legal services world. What could be better than having someone endorse you and encourage a potential client to contact you? Yet when it comes to how to stimulate referrals — or even how to make one yourself — there must be a fair amount of confusion. Otherwise, why would it be one of the most frequently appearing topics, not only in legal business development channels, but all business channels?

Originally published June 1, 2015
Last updated January 22, 2021
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