Stake Your Claim as a Legal Thought Leader

Go to law school. Work hard. Get a job at a big firm. The road map for becoming a successful lawyer used to be fairly predictable. But these days, many talented lawyers, uninspired by the BigLaw hierarchy, are striking out on their own. We're seeing more lawyers with entrepreneurial spirit start boutique firms or solo practices, finding new ways to deliver excellent legal services on their own terms. Carving out a distinct space for a new law practice and attracting the right kinds of clients is no easy feat. One big challenge: Without an existing big firm brand attached to your work, it’s up to you to establish yourself as a thought leader and stand out in front of peers and potential referral sources. But what does that mean? How do you find your target audience? And what makes for a true thought leader? Here are five tips for becoming a thought leader in your field. ... READ THE REST

Originally published July 10, 2015
Last updated May 20, 2018
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