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Convert ‘Resting Bitch Face’ to ‘Neutral Alert’

Last week The New York Times brought the pop culture term and Internet meme “resting bitch face” (RBF) to the mainstream media with “I’m Not Mad. That’s Just My RBF.” Lots of discussion has ensued about the label, especially since it employs the word “bitch” and is directed at women. Controversy and gender focus aside, it is a given that facial expressions are a critical part of your demeanor. The article points out that “as science has long proved, humans make judgments based on facial cues. Studies have found that people are less likely to find friendly looking faces guilty of crimes; people who look ‛happy’ are generally deemed more trustworthy, too.” While it is entertaining to explore the links that come up when you Google “RBF,” there is a serious lesson in this for lawyers. ... READ THE REST

August 10, 2015 0 1 0