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Still Want an All-Mac Law Office? What You Need and How You Can Do It

Three years ago, I wrote a primer for Attorney at Work on setting up an all-Mac law office. For this new two-part series, in addition to updating that earlier article here, I’ve reached out to four Mac-using lawyers — Victor Medina, David Sparks, Ben Stevens and Jeremy Worley — for their insight and advice. You can read their full replies tomorrow on Attorney at Work. How Many Lawyers Are Using Macs? There are two reasons lawyers contemplate using a Macintosh in their practice. One is because they’re already using an iPhone or iPad and a Mac would complete their Apple-y experience. (Some call this the “halo effect.”) The second is that many lawyers have a Mac at home either for their own use or a family member's (e.g., for offspring attending college). They’ve become enamored with the “it just works” dependability and yearn for the same experience on their work computer. ... READ THE REST

Originally published August 19, 2015
Last updated October 20, 2020
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