Cybersecurity Survey Results: What Keeps You Up Nights?

This past month, newspapers around the world have been filled with stories of the Panama Papers — a massive trove of confidential tax planning information that will probably topple more than one politician. For lawyers and law firms, the chilling fact is that these millions of documents emanated from the computer files of a global law firm — Mossack Fonseca. Their client records and all of their secret dealings are now being read by journalists around the world. Was it done by some skilled cybersleuth, intent on exposing illegal or improper activity, or at least hypocrisy? Was it a disgruntled internal whistleblower, within the law firm? Either way, it points to the vulnerability of law firms, and to the seriousness of the stakes when confidential client information is leaked. What's in Your Cybersecurity Bag of Tricks? A month ago, we asked the Attorney At Work community to let us know how confident you are about cybersecurity in your firm. Today, we unveil the results.

Originally published April 27, 2016
Last updated October 1, 2018
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