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A Practice Management Advisor’s Tips for Choosing Case Management Software

For almost 14 years, I’ve answered my telephone at the South Carolina Bar and taken questions from lawyers and their staff. Questions about case management software are probably in the top three reasons for calls. (I used to distinguish between practice management software, which includes front- and back-office functions, and case management, which has front-office functions. While I still believe in this subtle distinction, fewer companies and lawyers do. Now I think you can use the terms interchangeably and be understood perfectly.) A typical call to PMAP might go something like this. You, the caller — perhaps a new lawyer or one with 20 years in a small firm — anticipate a brief exchange and easy answer. You ask me, “Which case management software do you recommend?” and wait with pen poised to write down the one perfect piece of software that fits everyone so you can purchase it without any annoying trials and tests. It isn’t fun to burst your bubble in our first minute of conversation, but

Originally published July 15, 2016
Last updated March 30, 2018
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