Tech Tips Friday Five

Productivity-Boosting Tech Tips for Your Law Practice

Where Does Your Time Go? Lawyers' utilization rates and productivity measures have been hot topics since Clio announced it will release its first “Legal Trends Report” later this month. Among the most stunning revelations will be the finding that, on average, a mere 22 percent of solo attorneys' time is billable each day. (That's two hours!) And that number only begins to improve slightly as the firm size increases to five to seven lawyers.* In anticipation of the report's release, we asked four practice management experts for their best tech tips to boost productivity and ensure more of your time is profitable. Here's good advice from Natalie Kelly, Courtney Kennaday, Erik Mazzone and Nora Regis — state and local bar advisors who assist solo and small firm lawyers every day.

Originally published October 7, 2016
Last updated June 1, 2020
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