You Need a Calendar as Smart as You Are

In the practice of law, dates and deadlines are the currency in which lawyers traffic. As filing dates and appearance dates pile up, the likelihood of missing one increases exponentially — with dramatic results. At best, you’ll lose your case. At worst, you’ll spend years settling a costly malpractice claim. You need a solution that lets you calculate and keep track of deadlines worry-free, but you can't afford to spend hours carefully crafting a calendar either. Thankfully, automation, once the domain of manufacturing and telephone switchboards, has made its way to legal calendaring via Clio’s Court Rules feature.

Originally published November 8, 2016
Last updated February 11, 2018
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Creative Thinking About Your Practice Can Reduce Ethics Risk

Lately, thinking creatively about the practice of law has been a theme running through my professional life. While we are a relatively stodgy profession, many avenues for legal innovation exist. From applying new technology to a traditional brick-and-mortar practice to taking law to the street in a converted truck, I have heard dozens of stories about inventive ways to practice law. Interestingly, the lawyers who are thinking creatively about their practices also seem to be using strategies that act as safeguards against ethics violations.

November 8, 2016 0 0

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