Transforming Client Communication: LawConnect

Share client documents safely and securely on-the-go. Over the past 15 years, email has become ubiquitous and has dramatically changed communication. A hand-scripted letter placed in an envelope is an outdated form of business communication. The time-consuming nature of handwriting and mailing the letter along with the subsequent waiting period to receive the letter is […]

Originally published May 9, 2017
Last updated April 14, 2018
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disrespectful clients

Lawyer Safety: Are You Prepared?

Lawyer safety is not a new concern for me. In 2013, I was a few blocks away when fellow Arizona attorney Mark Hummels was shot and killed by the opposing party in a meeting with the opposition regarding a civil case. Hummels’ client was also killed in that incident. Incidents like this have made me question whether personal safety should have a higher priority in the legal profession.

Originally published May 9, 2017
Last updated April 29, 2021
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