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value brand

Provide More Value to Build Your Personal Brand

Ever wonder why some writers get all the attention online? Their posts get shared, their personal brands grow, their email lists swell, and their fortunes rise as their content receives an outsized share of eyeballs. It’s easy to dismiss their success as luck, by concluding that it resulted from a post going viral (as if hitting "Publish" is the same as pulling the lever on a slot machine), or connections with influencers that others don’t have. The truth is, those who break through are fundamentally no different from the rest of us. They just act differently. They know what it takes to produce content that cuts through the noise and provides real value to readers. In fact, readers perceive their content to be so valuable that they share it with others — they’re smarter for having read it and assume (rightly) that members of their own networks will think more highly of them for having exposed them to it as well.

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