No Immunity: Sexual Harassment and the Legal Industry

As members of a conservative industry that — literally — wrote the rule book on sexual harassment, law firms need to be ready for a day of reckoning that seems inescapable. Right now, the focus is still largely on Hollywood, mass media, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and politics … all professional arenas historically known to operate by their own set of rules that have been at equal turns brushed off as socially acceptable, emboldened after career-ending threats kept censure at bay, and vigorously defended in a courtroom. But the shakiness of this dynamic is that the lawyer standing beside every Steve Wynn, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Gavin Baker, Travis Kalanick or Al Franken is most likely operating from his or her own "house of cards."

Originally published February 22, 2018
Last updated April 14, 2018
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