Lauren Tetenbaum

Q&A With Lauren A. Tetenbaum: Reflections of Pride

Our “Women in Law” series honors Women’s History Month by spotlighting inspiring women lawyers who've carved a path for themselves in the legal industry and beyond.

March 17, 2022 0 2 0
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Make What You’re Worth: Utility of the Fee Schedule

Lawyers are very secretive about their fees because, you know ... the NSA. Lawyers don’t post their fee structures to their websites, either, because, well, why would clients want to know that? Lawyers also don't discuss fees with other lawyers because, you know, antitrust laws and collusion and such — that sort of stuff the government has literally no tolerance for. If I had a penny for every time a lawyer was run up on antitrust charges for sharing fee information with another lawyer, I’d have a wheat penny ... because one was already in my pocket. I’m painting broad strokes here, of course. Some lawyers do post their fees online, or offer fee calculators, and openly discuss their fees with other lawyers. Still, that’s rare. But the biggest secret of all may be that there is no secret. Many lawyers simply have little to no idea what their fee structures will look like from one day to the next. .... READ MORE

Originally published March 17, 2022
Last updated June 5, 2022
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