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Five Questions to Ask a New Client

It's one of the fundamentals they drummed into you in law school: It is your job to know the answers. That's why clients seek your help, right? How you prove you are smart, and why they pay your bills? Well, yes and no. In many cases, it's less about you knowing the answers and much more about you knowing the right questions to ask.

Originally published May 20, 2022
Last updated September 14, 2022
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Perfect Pen

The Perfect Pen, Perfect Pencil

Like you, I take a lot of notes in my professional life. Over the years I’ve developed silly obsessions with the quality of Ampad legal pads and National Brand 33-004 notebooks. But I never thought much about pens. I tended to use whatever cheap rollerballs or No. 2 pencils I stole from the office. Until now. Now, I am evangelical about the implements with which I doodle: I have found the perfect pencil and the perfect pen.

Originally published May 20, 2022
Last updated September 16, 2022
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law specialization

Building a Better Law Practice: 7 Reasons to Specialize

Specialization has become increasingly prevalent — almost a necessity. Tomas Suros discusses the drivers behind practice area specialization and its benefits.

Originally published May 20, 2022
Last updated May 23, 2022
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body language in the courtroom

Courting Insight: Body Language In The Courtroom

The most brilliant trial attorneys seem to have a natural instinct in reading people, knowing intuitively what every nod from a juror or glance from a judge implies. For the rest of us, there’s this handy cheat sheet that breaks down some of the most common body language exhibited in the courtroom.

Originally published May 20, 2022
Last updated September 22, 2022
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Living and Working With Intentionality

Jamie Spannhake | Set your intentions for your life and commit to living them every day.

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