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legal fees

Legal Pricing: Good Lawyers Talk Money With Their Clients

If you were to believe everything being written about legal services today, you might think lawyer-client relationships have boiled down to one thing: pricing. Yet in my conversations with clients, fees rarely are the first thing mentioned or the most important factor used to evaluate relationships with outside counsel. Now don’t get me wrong. All clients are cost-conscious, particularly these days. READ MORE

May 24, 2022 0 6 0
silencing email read receipts

Silencing Email Read Receipts: Why You Don’t Always Get What You Want

Back in the day when I was a young and naive pup, I didn’t pay much attention to how my email was set up. I’d sometimes be surprised by a little pop-up that accompanied an email I'd just opened in Microsoft Outlook, asking me to please confirm receiving and reading that email: aka a "read receipt."

Originally published May 24, 2022
Last updated May 26, 2022
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metadata scrubber

Metadata 101 for Lawyers

Most lawyers have probably heard the word "metadata" and, at a minimum, know that it has something to do with their documents. But it's vital that every law office, staff included, is aware of the risks posed by metadata, and what steps can reduce the dangers.

Originally published May 24, 2022
Last updated August 24, 2022
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building confidence

Building Confidence: Strategies for Lawyers

Gray Robinson | Self-doubt is the common denominator of burnout, stress and anxiety. Here's how to regain your confidence.

May 24, 2022 0 3 0
how to use slack

Three Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Slack (And How to Fix It)

Tom Lambotte | Yes, you can edit messages in Slack, and other simple tips to help your team be more efficient.

Originally published May 24, 2022
Last updated June 9, 2022
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sensitive emails

Sensitive Email? Things to Know Before Hitting Send

Email is merely information transmitted via the cloud—and all lawyers routinely send confidential messages and attachments via email. It’s how business has been done since Marty McFly hopped in the DeLorean. But today the FBI is warning lawyers that they are prime hacker targets, so it's an ideal time to revisit your email security precautions.

Originally published May 24, 2022
Last updated August 7, 2022
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shift perspective

Five Ways to Shift Your Perspective

Shifting your perspective can elevate your mood and bring you to new creative solutions.

Originally published May 24, 2022
Last updated May 26, 2022
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transferable skills

What Makes for a Great Transferable Skill? How to Uncover Even a Niche Lawyer’s Hard and Soft Skills

Annie Little |To unlock the power of your transferable skills, you must effectively describe your soft skills to employers.

Originally published May 24, 2022
Last updated June 6, 2022
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