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pdf a word document

Video: The Fastest Way to PDF a Word Document

Converting a Word document to PDF is an essential Word skill, especially if you’re dealing with courts that require e-filing. Make that frequent task a one-click operation by adding Publish as PDF to your Quick Access Toolbar.

Originally published June 12, 2022
Last updated June 24, 2022
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apps to help you sleep

Five Apps to Help You Sleep Famously

Bull Garlington | Five apps to help you sleep by listening to the voices you already trust.

Originally published June 12, 2022
Last updated June 25, 2022
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attorney misconduct

Attorney Misconduct — Time to Tattle?

Reporting another lawyer’s misconduct can bring on a mix of emotions. If the other lawyer is your adversary and you’ve been battling in the gutter, a bar complaint may be exactly what you wish on this person. Lawyers know a lot of lawyers, though, and we get a lot of insight into each other’s lives through our professional and personal interactions. There are likely many lawyers you'd rather not report to the bar, knowing that a bar complaint is a ticket to havoc being wreaked on a lawyer’s life. So are you obligated to report another lawyer if you know about an instance of attorney misconduct? ... READ THE REST

Originally published June 12, 2022
Last updated June 29, 2022
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small town lawyer

Be a Small-Town Lawyer

Be a small-town Lawyer: Many rural areas have a shortage of lawyers. No one needs to remind law students and recent law school graduates about the dismal job market. Only 85 percent of the class of 2012 found a job of any kind post-graduation — and only 64 percent of those jobs required bar passage, […]

Originally published June 12, 2022
Last updated July 4, 2022
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legal marketing pros

Staying Competitive: 7 Tips from 7 Legal Marketing Pros

Here are seven tried-and-true tactics along with real-world applications that help lawyers differentiate themselves.

Originally published June 12, 2022
Last updated June 30, 2022
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upset client

Dealing With an Upset Client

It’s almost a certainty that, at some point, every lawyer will have an unhappy client. In his seminal research on loyalty, business strategist Frederick Reichheld concluded that simply satisfying clients is not enough to retain them. Research showed that depending on the industry, between 65 and 85 percent of customers or clients who defected said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the company they abandoned. They left because they didn’t like the experience.

Originally published June 12, 2022
Last updated June 29, 2022
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