A Profitable Niche Practice in Four Easy Steps

Ever heard that phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”? No lawyer wants to hear that today. Why? Because you get credibility from being an expert not a generalist. Credibility equals clients. Clients equal profitability, even more credibility — and even more clients. It's easier to differentiate yourself with a niche practice, too, because there’s far less competition. Here are four steps to follow if you want to create a profitable niche practice area.

Originally published June 14, 2022
Last updated July 4, 2022
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investigative data

Gathering Data on Your Client

Josh Taylor | Lawyer's Guide to Investigative Data, Part 1: As a lawyer, it is your job to know what questions to ask and what advice to give your clients. How can you do that without facts and data?

Originally published June 14, 2022
Last updated June 25, 2022
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Fulsome Word Choice Advice

Teddy Snyder | Don’t be tempted to use a fancy word when a plain one will do.

June 14, 2022 0 0
dictation technology

Top Five Ways Lawyers Use Dictation Technology

For many young lawyers, dictation evokes images of dusty credenzas covered with tape recorders and microphones. But while today’s lawyers tend to be much more tech-savvy than past generations, they still use their voices to accomplish a lot every day. Dictation has evolved and become an active part of productive law firms. In fact, modern dictation tools are both easily available and completely intuitive as apps for smartphones or tablets. Here are five ways dictation technology can help you to operate more efficiently and improve your billable hours.

Originally published June 14, 2022
Last updated June 29, 2023
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Three Time-keeping Tips for Brand-New Lawyers

Meyling Ly Ortiz | Law firms often miss the mark — presuming they spend any time at all mentoring young associates — with teaching timekeeping.

Originally published June 14, 2022
Last updated July 5, 2023
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Accent on the Wrong Syll-ah-buhl?

Get to the Point! Don’t you hate it when something comes out of your mouth that makes your listener hesitate or give you a funny look?

Originally published June 14, 2022
Last updated July 2, 2023
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