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Microsoft Powerpoint Tips

Look Smart When Presenting with PowerPoint

Traditionally, most presenters see the same view of their slides that their audience sees. Don't you long for the ability to view your own presentation notes at the same time? Although the ability to view your notes while presenting has been available for many years, some presenters haven't been aware of it because it used to be difficult to find and set up. Fortunately, in more recent versions of PowerPoint, Microsoft has made it easier to access. Here's a three-part tip for getting better access to your PowerPoint notes when you are presenting.

Originally published September 15, 2022
Last updated November 23, 2022
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maze with arrow lawyer marketing plan

The ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ Lawyer Marketing Plan

If you’ve searched the web for marketing plans, you’ve likely noticed that most so-called legal marketing experts recommend putting together a formal marketing plan. I suppose I fall into that camp — having a marketing plan is a necessity. But I am a contrarian in one key respect. I don’t think there is ever a need to fill out — or even think about filling out — an eight-page template or the like. Quite simply, I think you should keep your plan simple. One page, two at most. Nothing fancy.

Originally published September 15, 2022
Last updated December 6, 2022
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Credit Cards

Credit Cards: Good for Your Client, Good for You

Catherine Sanders Reach | What should a lawyer know about accepting credit card payments and other types of e-payments? What are the options and ethics to consider?

Originally published September 15, 2022
Last updated August 10, 2023
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