how to order whiskey

Order Whiskey for Your Boss — Like a Boss

You’re at a conference with the senior partner you want to impress. You’re meeting in the hotel bar, a swanky old-school joint. Lots of wood and brass. You’re both just supposed to go over the day’s work, then look at tomorrow’s breakout sessions. Easy and, as an addendum, peasy. You meet your boss at the bar. She looks like Charlize Theron dipped in gold. She’s sporting Manolo Blahniks that could cover your rent. You want to be her when you grow up. You take a seat next to her and she says, “Order me a whisky.” This is a defining moment and it's like the whole bar goes slo-mo while you white-knuckle your kneecaps and try to remember what your dad likes.

Originally published September 17, 2022
Last updated December 21, 2022
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buyer journey

Buyer Journey: What Lawyers Should Know About the Psychology of Paying for Goods and Services

Understanding the four stages of the buyer journey can point to ways to improve your marketing, practice management and payment systems.

Originally published September 17, 2022
Last updated October 9, 2022
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