Creating AutoText Entries 770

Creating AutoText Entries to Save Frequently Used Text

Video | The key to text recycling is making it easy to access your frequently repeated phrases and paragraphs. Deborah Savadra shows how to make that happen with AutoText.

Originally published February 16, 2023
Last updated June 21, 2023
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how to say no

How to Say ‘No’ When ‘No’ Is What You Want to Say

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton | Who knows why we do it, but most of us tend to say “yes” to things when we should say "no."

Originally published February 16, 2023
Last updated June 22, 2023
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lawyer notes

Keeping Better Lawyer Notes

Yellow legal pads, containing what at least to a casual observer might seem unintelligible scribbles, abound in most lawyers' offices. Of course, good legal business practice dictates that we take copious and clear notes to identify work we have done or still need to do, who we have spoken with, when and about what. But note-taking — and keeping — is also critical to maintaining compliance with ethics rules. ... READ THE REST

Originally published February 16, 2023
Last updated June 21, 2023
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Cost to grow Law Firm

How Much Does It Cost to Start a New Solo Law Firm?

In case you haven't noticed (ha!), a lot of those new lawyers who can’t find jobs are hanging out a solo shingle. Add to that, those lawyers with experience who have left a firm by choice—their own or someone else’s—to launch a practice. That’s a lot of lawyers starting from scratch! You may be one of them (or dreaming of becoming one). So, what kind of seed money does it take to start up a solo practice these days? We asked a handful of people who know the territory for their estimates. Here are some of their answers ...

Originally published February 16, 2023
Last updated June 24, 2023
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how to look good on zoom

Men’s Attire: A Gentleman’s Guide for How to Look Good on Zoom

Remote working shouldn't mean your style has to suffer. We asked Raphael Schneider, founder of the hugely popular Gentleman's Gazette blog, to share his dress code for men on camera. 

Originally published February 16, 2023
Last updated July 22, 2024
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