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Leveraging Twitter When Pitching New Clients

When you’re pitching new clients, every little bit helps. Emily Brooks points to ways you can leverage Twitter (and other social media platforms) to gain an extra edge.

Emily Brooks - November 7, 2019
Twitter Brand

How to Use Twitter to Build Your Brand

Pro tips from Stefanie Marrone on how to become more visible on Twitter, creating a content strategy to enhance your personal brand.

Stefanie Marrone - October 3, 2019
Law Firm Leaders on Twitter

Law Firm Leaders on Twitter: Pros and Cons

Leading a law firm is often compared to being the chief herder at a cat ranch. On the communications front, the managing partners at a law firm are challenged not only with what to say to their colleagues and ...

John Byrne - March 4, 2015
Friday Five

Five Ways to Use Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are an easy way to group what flows through Twitter so that you can better organize the flood of information. I've found that Twitter lists are useful for all kinds of things — whether they're private ...

Andrea Cannavina - September 27, 2013

Engaging on Twitter: Be a Follower

In his much-anticipated ABA book Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers, Jared Correia says the best use of Twitter, and the one most calculated to drive your practice forward, is to engage with others with whom you share ...

Jared Correia - October 30, 2012

Grow Your Twitter Presence: 10 Tips

Here are a few tips to organically and meaningfully grow your Twitter presence.

Tim Baran - August 21, 2012
should your law firm be on TikTok? 4 questions to ask

Should My Law Firm Be on TikTok? 4 Questions to Ask Before Adopting Any Social Media Platform

Marin McCall | Four questions to ask before launching a social media account for your legal practice.

Marin McCall - July 15, 2024
long-form content

Long-Form Content Drives Long-Term Success for Lawyers: Create Once, Cash In for Years

Ruth Carter | If you have limited resources for marketing, invest in your blog.

Ruth Carter - June 24, 2024
best fountain pens

Five Best Fountain Pens Under $40

Analog Attorney | For an everyday fountain pen, you want a workhorse. You want a pen you can drop on the floor. Here are classy but affordable choices to suit your various needs.

Bull Garlington - June 7, 2024
data visualization

Data Visualization Accelerates eDiscovery: Picture This

Data visualization is gaining traction as we grapple with terabytes of electronically stored information.

Tal Davidson - May 20, 2024

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