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Back Off That Send Button, Buddy

"William Melater" (you can call him "Bill") is a young associate who's agreed to blog from time to time about life on the lower rungs of the legal profession as "The Dis-Associate," including—occasionally—what ...

William Melater - September 14, 2011
opposing counsel

Shutting Down Uncivil Opposing Counsel

It's been said (often) that lawyers were genteel, professional and respectful of their colleagues in the past. But the last few decades haven't been good ones for the profession on that front. Intimidation, shabby ...

Quinn Clancy - October 28, 2022
Young professional looking at question mark melater

Tips for the Young Traveling Lawyer

Initially, it was just awkward. This stranger's butt was inches from my face. Undulating. Back and forth. I could hear the loose change in his front pocket clanking against itself. He was a large man, but not large ...

William Melater - March 11, 2013
Young professional looking at question mark melater

Put Down the Phone and Back Away Slowly

The National Technology and Data Association (NTDA), a Virginia-based nonprofit focused on technology-related economics, combined with support from the Data Transfer Registrar (DTR), a governmental database logging ...

William Melater - January 8, 2013
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The Hand Is Mightier Than the Sword

Law school provides aspiring lawyers with a ton of information. For example, I learned about the Constitution and I learned how to panic. While studying for the bar, I learned about commercial paper and I learned ...

William Melater - October 9, 2012

Simplify Your Social Life with Livefyre

If you are hard at work building your online presence, with a website, a blog (or two) and social media accounts, soon you'll find that managing the "back end" can make you a little, well, batty. Preferences. ...

Gwynne Monahan - September 14, 2012
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But Your Mother Said You Were a Lawyer …

No one takes their baby to a gynecologist for a routine checkup. No one goes to a cardiologist for an ankle sprain, or to a dentist when they have chest pains. So why, I ask, do distant relatives call me to draft ...

William Melater - September 10, 2012
Young professional looking at question mark melater

Darwin and the Dictaphone

I felt like Indiana Jones. Instead of snakes, there were power cords slinking around my feet. Instead of a whip, I held a ballpoint pen. Instead of a hat, I wore, well, my hair was perfect. I was not looking for ...

William Melater - July 12, 2012
Young professional looking at question mark melater

Watch It, Buddy!

I may not always know what I’m talking about, but I always know the time. Believe it or not, prior to 1988, over 97 percent of all lawyers wore watches. Yes, I made that stat up. However, it’s likely true. In ...

William Melater - June 7, 2012
Young professional looking at question mark melater

I Think My Voice Just Got Deeper

Legal puberty is real. I am not referring to one of those laws in the South regarding 12-year-olds getting married and when you can buy alcohol. I mean that, just as in your real life, you'll go through certain ...

William Melater - May 15, 2012

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