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content strategy

Divide and Conquer: How a Divisible Content Strategy Boosts ROI

The written word is only one way to express thought leadership. A better approach is a divisible content strategy that incorporates visual storytelling.

Jay Harrington - February 13, 2019
Nothing But the Ruth by Ruth Carter

Killing Marketing for Lawyers

My copy of Robert Rose's latest book, "Killing Marketing," is filled with underlined passages and notes in the margins about how I can apply its lessons to my law practice. Robert, Chief Strategy Officer for the ...

Ruth Carter - July 10, 2018
Shape Brilliantly Quantifies Law Firm Marketing Data

Shape CRM Massively Quantifies Law Firm Marketing Data

Product Review | This is what a mature CRM looks like in legal.

Jared Correia - August 21, 2019

Most Marketing Lists Are Malarkey

If you want to know how to get more clients, there’s a flood of information out there. Google it! But just as there are good lawyers and … not so good lawyers, there’s good marketing advice and, ...

Bruce W. Marcus - October 17, 2012

Everybody’s Talking About Content Marketing

In this edition of "Ask the Experts from the Legal Marketing Association," Elizabeth Lampert, Jeff Scalzi and Katie Gilmore answer the question, "Where does content marketing fit in the law firm?" ...

The Editors - January 11, 2016
legal blogging

What’s Next in Marketing Technology?

In this month's "Ask the Experts from the Legal Marketing Association," Jim Jarrell, Jacqueline Madarang and Ian Turvill tackle the question: "Technology in all its forms is quickly becoming a big part of marketing. ...

The Editors - December 2, 2015

The Big Three Internet Marketing Activities for Lawyers

“The Internet is the most powerful and pervasive platform on the planet,” said Federal Communications Commission Chair Tom Wheeler on February 26, 2015. Regardless of your area of practice, these three ...

Theda C. Snyder - April 7, 2015
LMA Tech West

LMA Tech West Sneak Peek: Marketing, Professional Services and the Customer Journey

Legal technology is a $3 billion industry. Having established its roots in case and document management, it is increasingly infiltrating firm marketing departments. And that’s a good thing. Attorney at Work ...

Susan Kostal - January 16, 2018
one of a kind with apples

Experiment Your Way to Legal Marketing Success

Business plans. Marketing plans. Professional development plans. The hard drives and filing cabinets of lawyers are littered with them. For some, developing a plan is a worthwhile exercise and a means to a desired ...

Jay Harrington - January 15, 2015
Tech Tips Friday Five

Tools and Tricks to Automate Your Marketing

Applied well, technology can make any task more efficient and cost-effective — and that includes your marketing activities. Whether it's tracking those marketing dollars to find out where they are best spent, ...

Joan Feldman - February 26, 2016