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Automating Legal Workflow

How to Take the Work Out of Your Workflow

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A recent study found that, on average, a mere quarter of an attorney’s working hours are spent on billable tasks — and the percentage is even lower for solo practitioners. Technology can address this problem. However, let’s face it: There are more technology solutions for lawyers than ever before, and the options can seem overwhelming. Every new legal tech vendor claims to be the cure for your practice woes, but how can you even determine which technology you need in the first place?

As an attorney and now the CEO of a legal tech company, I use a concept known as “process mapping.” You can apply the same methodology to identify which areas of your legal workflow are ripe for automation.Read The Rest

Time Management

Why Are You at the Office Until 10 p.m.?

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time management

The early days of my legal career at a big firm involved lots of late nights at the office. It seemed like I was routinely getting home around 11 p.m. — often later. It was a busy time, so late nights were required. But not always. Looking back, staying late all the time could have been avoided.

My nocturnal schedule was a choice — a result of my failure to make the necessary choices that could have helped me avoid exhaustion and burnout.Read The Rest

The Fit Friday Five

Five Fitness Trends in 2016: Keep Them or Let Them Go?

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Now that we are in the third quarter of 2016, we can look back and assess some of the year’s health and fitness trends. Which ones have real staying power? There are always many predictions for what will be the go-to diets, workouts and lifestyle changes. Here are five trends predicted to change our lives for the better, and a verdict of whether to keep them — or let them go.Read The Rest

QuickBooks Tip

What’s in Your Law Firm’s Profit & Loss Statement?

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law firm P&L

Most small and solo law firms are working with financial statements that don’t give them the information they need to make informed business decisions. To illustrate what I mean, I’ve created a sample P&L for a law firm that looks like what I typically see.

Take a look at the profit and loss statement below, created for a hypothetical small litigation partnership. Read The Rest

Nothing But The Ruth!

Take It to the Wall: Be Organized

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Nothing But the Ruth

“My life sucks.” That’s what I said during the weekly video call with my mastermind group a few weeks ago. My life is actually awesome, but it’s challenging with the amount of work I’ve heaped on my plate. Between clients, speaking engagements and new product ideas, I was overwhelmed. I could not wrap my head around everything I wanted to do and everything I was already committed to doing.

I needed to get organized — in the global sense. I needed more than a to-do list or a calendar. Glancing over at the empty wall in my office I thought, “I can use that.”Read The Rest

Getting Clients

Getting the Right Clients

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Next month, Merrilyn Astin Tarlton’s new book hits the streets, and we couldn’t be more excited. “Getting Clients: For Lawyers Starting Out or Starting Over” is the best response yet to that age-old plea, “Tell me how to get some clients!” And, starting today, Merrilyn will be writing a new monthly column of the same name — because based on what we’ve been hearing, you just can’t get enough help getting clients.

Just say no to ‘random acts of lunch.’ The popular term “random acts of lunch” pushes a particular hot button for most lawyers. Who hasn’t reflected on their business development calendar and realized that, for the most part, they’ve been haphazardly buying lunch for people in the hope that new business will just “pop up” during conversation? And, having realized that, what lawyer hasn’t wondered why that isn’t working — and how to fix it?Read The Rest