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Friday Tech Tips

Top Five Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboard shortcut

Chances are, you use a pointing device with your computer today. It could be a touchscreen. It could be a built-in trackpad. It might be a trackball. It could even be that original of the species, the humble mouse.

Your keyboard? That’s only for creating text, of course. Who needs it to execute commands?

You do — if you value faster computing. Keyboard shortcuts, both built-in and custom-created, give seasoned keyboard jockeys a step or two up on their shortcut-deprived colleagues.Read The Rest

Listen and De-escalate

How to Calm an Angry Client in 90 Seconds or Less

angry client

At one time or another in your career, you will confront an angry client. Unfortunately, law school does not prepare us for dealing with clients. We are dependent on our own life skills and common sense to handle these situations. Presumably, as we gain experience in practice, we get better at it. However, you don’t have to be a senior lawyer with 30 years of practice to be able to calm an angry client quickly and effectively. Here’s how to do it.Read The Rest

Young Associates

Think Big, Act Small: The Cure for What Ails a Struggling Associate

struggling associate

When I was practicing law at a large firm, the associate annual review period was always an interesting time around the office. This may not be true at all firms, and perhaps there’s more frequent communication happening these days, but in my experience, things were always so busy that it was rare that candid, comprehensive feedback was provided outside of annual reviews.

I remember quite a few times when I saw fellow associates walk dazed and dejected back to their offices following an unfavorable review. They weren’t performing up to expectations, they were told, and they felt blindsided by the news.

The thing is, it was often news only to them. The rest of us could see it coming from a mile away.Read The Rest

Well Said!

Magic Business Development Pill for Lawyers

well said

A number of years ago, a good friend shared what he considers the “magic business development pill.” It’s simple. There are only two ingredients: 1) Make your conversation all about the client or potential client) and keep it about them; and 2) Show up with great frequency. According to my friend, keep repeating these steps and everything will work out.Read The Rest

Getting Clients

Six Ways to Make Clients Happy to Pay Your Bills

getting clients

No one likes to pay bills. Even when the service or product we are paying for was way more valuable than the actual dollar amount on the invoice, we humans just hate to see the money out the door. And that natural resistance to doling out the bucks can often leave a lawyer looking at high accounts receivable and collections tasks galore. Yuck.

Why not implement a few changes to help your clients feel more positively disposed — dare I say enthusiastic — to pay promptly next month? These six things will help. Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Steps to Confront Burnout, Addiction and Depression

There’s no denying it: Lawyers have the highest behavioral impairment rate of any profession. Research has shown it, and it is spotlighted in the media, as in a recent New York Times feature on a lawyer who tragically spiraled into addiction behind closed doors.

The same innate drive and problem-solving skills that make a good lawyer also enable some to present as “high-functioning,” while they successfully conceal addiction for as long as decades. Meanwhile, as with any chronic, progressive disease, it worsens until the lawyer’s behavior and capabilities deteriorate. The good news is once the problems are acknowledged, our community can join together to help remedy them.Read The Rest

Microsoft Word QUICK TIPS

Video: The Fastest Way to PDF a Word Document

PDF Word Document Video

Converting a Word document to PDF is an essential Word skill, especially if you’re dealing with courts that require e-filing. Make that frequent task a one-click operation by adding Publish as PDF to your Quick Access Toolbar.Read The Rest